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Net Worth

Zong Qinghou, the Chinese cash chief, has a normal absolute resources of $11.6 billion, making him maybe of the most excessive person in China. He is the trailblazer, overseer, and Head of the Hangzhou Wahaha Social event, the greatest savor association China. Zong Qinghou’s total assets has been accounted for by different sources and is a consequence of his fruitful undertakings.



Full Name Zong Qinghou
First Name Zong
Last Name Qinghou
Date Of Birth 16 November 1945
Age 79
Birthplace Hangzhou,China
Hometown Hangzhou
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Occupation Entrepreneur
Profession Businessman
Nationality Chinese
Net worth $11.6 billion
Eyes Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Body Type Slim
Children 1
Wife Shi Youzhen

Early Life and Education

Zong Qinghou, quite possibly of China’s best financial specialist, had an unassuming start. He was brought into the world in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, in October 1945, into an unfortunate family. In spite of confronting monetary difficulties, Zong’s assurance and versatility drove him to cut his way to progress.

Tragically, because of the family’s monetary conditions, Zong couldn’t proceed with his proper instruction and needed to exit center school early on. Nonetheless, his hunger for information and excitement to learn stayed resolute.

While not signed up for school, Zong volunteered to instruct himself. He drenched himself in perusing socialist texts during his extra time, encouraging comprehension he might interpret belief system, financial matters, and administration. Zong’s self-training assumed an essential part in forming his points of view and directing his future business attempts.

Personal Life

Zong Qinghou’s progress in business is supplemented by his satisfying individual life. He is hitched to Shi Youzhen, and together they have a great girl named Fuli (Kelly) Zong.

Shi Youzhen assumes a functioning part in the Hangzhou Wahaha Gathering, where she is engaged with buying the executives, showing the family’s solid association with the organization.

Not just centered around his undertakings, Zong Qinghou has additionally committed his opportunity to public assistance. Starting around 2002, he has filled in as a representative to the Chinese Public Individuals’ Congress, pushing for the interests of individuals.

It is actually quite important that Zong Qinghou’s own life has seen a few intriguing turns. It was uncovered that he had gotten extremely durable occupant status in the US previously. Nonetheless, because of his nonappearance from the country for a very long time, his status was considered deserted, representing his obligation to China.


How much is Zong Qinghou worth?

Zong Qinghou has an expected total assets of .6 billion.

What is Zong Qinghou’s fortune?

Zong Qinghou’s fortune is assessed to be .6 billion.

How well off is Zong Qinghou?

Zong Qinghou is potentially of the most lavish person in China, with a complete resources of .6 billion.

What are Zong Qinghou’s assets?

Zong Qinghou’s assets consolidate his ownership stake in the Hangzhou Wahaha Social affair, the greatest reward association in China.

What amount does Zong Qinghou acquire?

Zong Qinghou’s pay is gotten from his fruitful undertakings, essentially from the Hangzhou Wahaha Gathering.

Is Zong Qinghou an extremely rich person?

Indeed, Zong Qinghou is an extremely rich person with a total assets of .6 billion.

Who in China is the most extravagant person?

One of China’s most extravagant people may be Zong Qinghou, the founder of the Hangzhou Wahaha Gathering.

What is the occupation of Zong Qinghou?

China’s largest refreshment organization, Hangzhou Wahaha Gathering, is led by Zong Qinghou as its chief, organizer, and director.

How did Zong Qinghou become fruitful?

Zong Qinghou’s pioneering venture started with a little supermarket and ultimately developed into the Hangzhou Wahaha Gathering, because of his assurance and business insight.

Is Zong Qinghou hitched?

Indeed, Zong Qinghou is hitched to Shi Youzhen.

Does Zong Qinghou have kids?

Indeed, Zong Qinghou has one little girl named Fuli (Kelly) Zong.

What charitable work has Zong Qinghou done?

While explicit subtleties are not promptly accessible, Zong Qinghou is known for his humanitarian undertakings.

Has Zong Qinghou been associated with any discussions?

Zong Qinghou has confronted charges of tax avoidance, which prompted examinations and reimbursement of owed charges.

What is Zong Qinghou’s effect on the business scene?

Zong Qinghou’s pioneering achievement and authority at the Hangzhou Wahaha Gathering essentially affect the Chinese business scene, especially in the refreshment business.

What is Zong Qinghou’s inheritance?

Zong Qinghou’s example of overcoming adversity fills in as a motivation hoping for business people, featuring the potential for abundance creation and accomplishment through difficult work and assurance.


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