BLAIR PARRY-OKEDEN net worth,Bio and Many More
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BLAIR PARRY-OKEDEN net worth,Bio and Many More


BLAIR PARRY-OKEDEN , the American-conceived Australian extremely rich person beneficiary and humanitarian, has amassed a critical fortune through her relationship with Cox Ventures. Following the demise of her mom in 2007, Repel Okeden acquired a significant stake in the organization, which added to her assessed total assets of $9.3 billion. Her abundance puts her among the world’s most well off people.

Net Worth

BLAIR PARRY-OKEDEN unprecedented abundance is a consequence of the surprising development of Cox Undertakings, the media organization established by her granddad, James M. Cox. Following the legacy of a 25% stake in the organization, her total assets soar, driving her to tycoon status. This massive abundance positions her among the world’s most extravagant people.

The progress of Cox Undertakings, combined with the continuous undertakings of the Repel Okeden family, has added to the fast abundance development experienced by Blair. With her critical Cox Endeavors stake, she has turned into a noticeable figure in the very rich person local area.

Blair Repel Okeden’s total assets remains as a demonstration of the pioneering soul and vision of her loved ones. As Cox Endeavors keeps on flourishing, her abundance is an impression of the achievement and worth of the organization. A striking accomplishment cements her status as perhaps of the richest person on the planet.

Blair Repel Okeden Bio

BLAIR PARRY-OKEDEN – nee Cox Anthony – is a money manager and a very rich person beneficiary, who was brought into the world in 1952 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She is most popular as the granddaughter of James M. Fox, the pioneer behind Cox Venture media combination, whose family’s portion she acquired after her mom’s passing.

Have you at any point thought about how rich Blair Repel Okeden is? As indicated by sources it has been assessed that Blair Repel Okeden’s general total assets is $9.3 billion. Blair’s bewildering abundance came generally from the 25% of Cox Venture organization’s stake which she acquired. Since this combination is still extremely dynamic in business, her total assets keeps on developing consistently. As she is currently nan Australian resident ensuing to her marriage, as of mid 2016 she is positioned as the most extravagant individual in Australia,

Name Blair Parry-Okeden
Age 73
Source of Wealth Media,Automotive
Industries Media & Entertainment
Education Diploma,High School,Bachelor of Arts/Science,University of Denver
Category Business › Billionaires
Place of birth Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Nationality United States
Gender Female
Net Worth 6.2 billion USD
Birth Year 1950
Residence Scone, New South Wales, Australia
Children 2

Blair Repel Okeden Family

BLAIR PARRY-OKEDEN , the extremely rich person beneficiary and humanitarian, has two youngsters from her past union with Simon Repel Okeden. Her family dwells on the shocking Rockview Station bequest, which adds to the abundance and resources related with the Repel Okeden family.


Rockview Station, situated in Australia, is a rambling property that exhibits the greatness and outcome of the Repel Okedens. The domain offers a pleasant setting, encompassed by lavish vegetation and stunning scenes. It fills in as a demonstration of the family’s thriving and their capacity to make a heritage for people in the future.

As Blair Repel Okeden’s kids, Andrew and Henry are set to acquire the family domain and proceed with the Repel Okeden inheritance. Experiencing childhood with Rockview Station, they are drenched in a universe of honor and potential open doors. The bequest gives a safe and rich climate for the family to partake in and value their time together.


The Rockview Station bequest addresses something beyond an actual property; it represents the Repel Okeden family’s thriving, impact, and obligation to keeping up with their inheritance for quite a long time into the future.


What is Blair Repel Okeden’s total assets?

Blair Repel Okeden’s total assets is assessed to be $9.3 billion, making her one of the world’s most affluent people.

How did Blair Repel Okeden acquire her riches?

Blair Repel Okeden acquired a 25% stake in Cox Undertakings following the passing of her mom in 2007.

What is Cox Undertakings?

James M. Cox founded the covert media organization Cox Endeavors in 1898. Cox Correspondences, Cox Media Get-together,, and Manheim are just a few of its many allies.

What humanitarian undertakings is Blair Repel Okeden engaged with?

Blair Repel Okeden has made critical gifts to associations, for example, the Shore School, the College of Hawaii’s Middle on Maturing, and Strathearn Town, a non-benefit matured care place.

Does Blair Repel Okeden play a functioning part in Cox Endeavors?

No, Blair Repel Okeden doesn’t play a functioning part in Cox Ventures and remains for the most part uninvolved in its activities.

Where does Blair Repel Okeden dwell?

Blair Repel Okeden as of now lives in Australia, having moved there from the US during the 1970s.

What is Blair Repel Okeden’s citizenship status?

Blair Repel Okeden is presently an Australian resident because of her marriage.

What is the focal point of Blair Repel Okeden’s magnanimous endeavors?

Blair Repel Okeden’s charitable endeavors essentially center around instruction and matured care.

What number of kids does Blair Repel Okeden have?

Blair Repel Okeden has two children named Andrew and Henry from her past marriage.

Does Blair Repel Okeden have a confidential existence?

Indeed, Blair Repel Okeden likes to keep a position of safety and carries on with a private, practically mysterious existence.

What is the meaning of Blair Repel Okeden’s total assets?

Blair Repel Okeden’s total assets is a demonstration of the achievement and development of Cox Undertakings and positions her as one of the world’s most well off people.


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