Jackie Chan net worth,Biography,Early Life and more
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Jackie Chan net worth,Biography,Early Life and more

Jackie Chan Net Worth


Jackie Chan needs no presentation. He is one of the world’s most conspicuous and well known entertainers, makers, chiefs, and stand-ins. Having a vocation crossing north of forty years, Chan has made his name in the film business with numerous victories added to his repertoire. His astounding USD 500 million in assets as of 2023. For an extended period, Jackie Chan has been a highly esteemed performer, and his impressive net worth has grown over time. From his initial days in Hong Kong launching his movie vocation, to showing up in famous motion pictures like Busy time, The Covert operative Nearby, and The Karate Youngster, he has effectively settled a presence both in Asia and across the world.


Despite the fact that Chan’s essential type of revenue might be acting, he likewise leaves on different endeavors, for example, creating and coordinating to build his riches. With an expected total assets of $500 million of every 2023, obviously Jackie Chan’s brilliant touch is a long way from being reduced. His devotion to going about as well as altruism work is hence profoundly praiseworthy (his Jackie Chan Beneficent Establishment centers around youth instruction). On account of his energy and nonstop diligence, we can encounter the sheer delight of observing one more magnum opus occasionally from this remarkable individual.

Income overview

Jan 2022 $45million
Oct 2020 $40 million
August 2019 $58 million
August 2018 $45 million
June 2017 $49 million
July 2016 $61 million
June 2015 $50 million



Name Jackie Chan
Real Name Chan Kong-sang
Birth Born April 7, 1954
Profession Actor
Height 5’9″
Weight 75 kg


Early Life

Jackie Chan’s genuine name is Chan Kong-sang, and he was brought into the world in Hong-Kong on April seventh, 1954. As a kid, Chan procured the epithet “pao” because of the way that he was ready for business and moved around the house while nestled into a ball. He experienced childhood with the grounds of the French diplomat, as his folks worked for the French envoy. Chan bombed his most memorable year of grade school. Accordingly, he was signed up for the China Show Foundation not long subsequently. In this school, Chan learned gymnastics and hand to hand fighting interestingly, succeeding in the two regions. He concentrated under Yu Jim-yuen, who showed numerous other productive military specialists. Subsequent to becoming one of the school’s most splendid understudies, he shaped cozy associations with other future stars and fixed his sights on the entertainment world. During this time, Chan procured a dark belt in Hapkido and furthermore concentrated on Karate, Judo, Taekwando, and Jeet Kune Do. In the last part of the ’70s, Jackie Chan moved to Australia, where his folks were working for the American consulate. He filled in as a development laborer for a period, and this is the point at which he procured the moniker “Jackie.”


Jackie Chan’s Career & Movies


From his unassuming starting points in Hong Kong stunt films, Jackie Chan has made unbelievable progress in the entertainment world. His mix of trick execution, actual parody, and combative techniques have turned into his unique style and are dearest by crowds everywhere. He is most popular for his featuring jobs in movies, for example, ‘The Busy time Set of three’, ‘Tanked Expert’, ‘Thunder in the Bronx’ and numerous others. With more than 150 movies added to his repertoire from different types, there is something for everybody! Jackie Chan’s profession influences such countless parts of film; be it rousing youthful military craftsmen or making space for activity comedies to flourish and create.


The Busy time film establishment netted a combined $845 million internationally to date. In 2018, it was accounted for that his movies have netted $1.84 billion in the US and in Canada alone. Adapted to expansion, this number becomes $2.44 billion. Around the world, Chan’s movies have created more than $5 billion in film industry profit.

Personal Life

In 1982, Chan wedded Taiwanese entertainer Joan Lin. They had a child, vocalist and entertainer, Jaycee Chan, that very year. Jackie had an unsanctioned romance with Elaine Ng Yi-Lei, and they had a little girl together, Etta Ng Chok Lam, who was brought into the world in January 1999. It’s accounted for that Chan gave Elaine almost $9,000 per month for everyday costs and more than $76,600 when she moved to Shanghai. These exchanges were subsequently professed to be nonexistent by her attorney.


In 2020, Jackie Chan had to allow his Beijing condos to go available to be purchased in the midst of a proprietorship question. Chan worked with Yujia Land and paid some $4.9 million for the lofts in 2006. Purportedly, the land organization didn’t document the administrative work appropriately. The market worth of the property was viewed as near $14.6 million, however they went available to be purchased in September beginning at $10.5 million.


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