Bill Burr Net Worth, How Rich He Is?
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Bill Burr Net Worth, How Rich He Is?


A Comedian, Bill Burr net worth is $20 Million has grown with his unique style, has become a director. Burr’s directorial debut, “Old Dads,” premiered on Netflix on October 20th. In the film, Burr stars as a middle-aged father struggling with modern society and cultural changes.


“Old Dads” showcases Burr’s uncompromising comedy, which tackles contentious topics on stand-up and beyond. The film’s response will shape Burr’s comic and film career. Depending on its reception, Burr’s fans may see more of his distinct perspective and wit in future films, giving them a taste of his comedic prowess.

Bill Burr Net Worth

Bill Burr net worth is $20 Million from comedy specials. Acting was lucrative, especially in “The Mandalorian.” Although wealthy, Burr seems to amass wealth carefully.


Burr told The Hollywood Reporter about a personal memory. He recalls buying a house in 2011 with stand-up money. Burr shared his pride and excitement on the back porch with his beloved wife. “I survived—don’t say this. Happy long-term. Anything after this is amazing.” This sincere remark conveyed his thanks for completing.


The comedian’s stunning revelation proved his inner serenity. Burr thought his peace and contentment transcended any financial gain. It showed his delight and thanks for life, emphasizing that monetary achievement wasn’t important. Burr’s honest confession echoed his humble and thankful mindset, valuing tranquility and pleasure before money.

Quick Facts

  • Bill Burr net worth is $20 million In 2023.
  • Bill Burr earns $6 million per year.
  • Bill Burr invested in a portfolio that’s value is $5 million.
  • Bill Burr owns 18 real estate properties.
  • Bill Burr’s wealth comes from comedy, real estate and investments.

Source of Income

Various Bill Burr comedy. 8 2008 stand-up specials launched his career. Quick writing, acting, and directing. Burr starred and wrote”F Is for Family,” a five-season Netflix adult animated comedy.


Burr engages. His flexibility in TV and film supporting parts made him famous. Burr’s 2007 “Monday Morning Podcast,” informative and humorous begins.


Burr and others perform nationwide. Because of his complicated finances, he cannot calculate tour earnings. Burr lost 195,000 MSG vouchers. Burr received money from booking agents, managers, Ticketmaster, and possibly the comedy festival. Financially showing a comedian’s high-profile event revenues’ complexity and stakeholders.


Bill Burr Net Worth Growth Rate

Year Net Worth
Net Worth In 2023 $20 Million
Net Worth In 2022 $17 Million
Net Worth In 2021 $15 Million
Net Worth In 2020 $14 Million
Net Worth In 2019 $11 Million
Net Worth In 2018 $9 Million

Real Estate

Bill Burr bought a $4.7 million Los Feliz mansion in 2017. Not just buying property. The year after 2011, Burr sold his 2,663-square-foot Los Feliz mansion. Lifestyle changes may have prompted this strategic real estate portfolio reorganization.


Burr reportedly owned a Hell’s Kitchen one-bedroom. With his expensive purchases and small property, he may have stayed in NYC. He probably followed New York’s busy comedy scene bicoastally to prepare for career events. This comprehensive real estate strategy includes comfort, professional convenience, and holdings management.


Bill Burr was gifted, dedicated, and humorous. Comic worth $20 million. Burr’s ability in stand-up, acting, writing, and producing is evident.


Burr’s satire and observational comedy delights for decades. HBO and Netflix showcase his great comedy. In “Breaking Bad” and “The Mandalorian,” she shows agility.


Personal life of comedian between blockbusters. Marriage to talented producer, writer, and director Nia Hill makes him happy. Burr enjoys helicopter rides and privacy. Work and leisure show his ability to integrate public and private.


Success reveals Burr’s wit. Talent, tenacity, and dedication to world awe made him rich. Burr is a top-earning comedian because to his innovation and determination.


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